By Catherine - / Sunday 10 June 2012 18:11 / United Kingdom - London
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  zachherbert  |  10

Woah there! No need to call anyone names!

  arkumx  |  3

That's how most men feel when women spend our money. Soooo welcome to the club

  thats_my_job  |  11

I make more money then my ex husband and save better as well. It's actually usually the woman who is better at saving and budgeting. The fact that he thinks men are the only ones to make money is why he is being thumbed down.

By  darien987  |  1

What a selfish asshole.

By  seymourw  |  1

He's compensating for you not being there.

By  Dyer18  |  0

Maybe these cats are a good investment, but something tells me they aren't. Someone needs a lesson in money management


Today, I was fired because I skipped a week of work without calling nor telling anyone. His secretary forgot to tell him about my scheduled days off for anticipation for my daughter's birth. My boss had already hired someone else so he gave me his secretary's job. Wrong time for a pay decrease. FML

By solarecliptic - / Tuesday 8 December 2009 15:30 / United States
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