By Anonymous / Thursday 11 August 2011 17:58 / Vietnam
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  Iamnotmyself  |  17

Ok so here's how it went down. Me and my coworker (OP) were sitting in my office and charting when all of sudden our boss came in and told us their was a loin attacking the building. Betty(OP) and me went down to try and help, and by hells luck we got surrounded by a pack of wolves and dolphin bears. After a brief fight the lion came into the scene with a shotgun, and I knocked the shotgun out of his hands as Betty kneed him and held his leg, unfortunately the lion scratched the business suit so that it looked like a lingerie. As the lion was about to eat me she took the shotgun and killed him. She was immediately given a promotion. The promotion was to give Boners a handjob. Sorry for any confusion we could only fit so much of the story.

  kelsey_katie  |  17

And, were you wearing just a normal business suit, are something prostitute-y?! I don't see why a normal business would make you look a prostitute, but whatever. Fyl, op


Her boss may be a pimp, her promotion may be that she no longer has to work on the streets; but rather in a hotel, and her "business" suit may be what attracts clients, which in turn, generates revenue.

By  RyanMacVey  |  17

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  jlh2283  |  1

Seriously dude, you don't prostitute you go work at mikki ds and if you can't afford your kids you should probably think of protection and a adoption agency...

  quesidias  |  0

No.. Prostitutes are looking for a QUICK and easy way to make money. They are better ways to make money than selling your self talk about no self respect...

  taytoc  |  10

Since ur profile picture looks like 2 ten year olds flicking off the computer screen really does show how "cool" u r. Ur not Rly offending anyone since ur probably in the second grade and are cursing. I bet if u met any of these people in real life u wouldn't b flicking them off or saying "fuck u" because u would get the crap beat out of u.

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