By Anonymous - / Wednesday 25 March 2015 19:40 / Canada - Owen Sound
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By  Markovski  |  18

That's rude. A dad should be more mindful and respectful, ESPECIALLY at a time like this.

By  Markovski  |  18

That's rude. A dad should be more mindful and respectful, ESPECIALLY at a time like this.


Well, depending on how many weddings he's been to before, I could understand why he reacts like this. Weddings can be a bit drawn out.
I wouldn't condone his drinking at the wedding, but I don't think it's that awful. He was sneaking a drink, not getting wasted. For all we know, it was to calm his nerves.

  tdawg91  |  17

Considering my sisters wedding is coming up soon, I could imagine my dad saying this, that's just his sense of humour (he gave my aunty away at her wedding and was whispering "run!" At my Uncle at the alter) for all we know, OP could have been a bridezilla and having ONE drink and cracking a bad joke was just to lighten the mood

By  annarcheer  |  19

I hope he was so drunk that it was influencing what he was saying. Yet I wouldn't want him getting drunk at your wedding.

  Ashd09  |  30

Drunk words are sober thoughts. No matter how drunk he is what he said is wrong

By  nattlecakes  |  19

While I don't condone his actions at all, maybe he was having a hard time dealing with giving his daughter away? If not, I am sorry your father couldn't be more respectful and I hope your wedding day was amazing regardless.

By  EarlFug  |  19

I'm sorry about that OP but it sounds like his behavior and response to you was because he was having trouble dealing with the social pressures of the ceremony, not the fact that you were getting married.

He's a problem drinker and probably a full-blown alcoholic. Sorry he couldn't suck it up for your day but it's a disease.

  EarlFug  |  19

First, I didn't. Second, I have some experience with such matters. Didn't mean to be disrespectful, just offering some insight.

  kirkaygri  |  18

From someone who has lots of experience with drunks (my own father didn't even show up at my wedding, as he was drunk and forgot, same as my husband's step father) it doesn't sound like he's a problem drinker from the few sentences I read. It sounded like he needed a shot to get through the stress of his daughters wedding. I base this off the fact he was trying to hide it, most drunks would show up pre-gamed. And her wording makes it seem like it's not a regular thing. "are you seriously...at a time like this?" makes it sound like he's not usually drunk or drinking. My mother was drunk, I expected it and worked around it. Employing someone to keep her occupied in the kitchen if she got beligerant. I feel for OP. Alcoholics suck.

  NiceGuysDoWin  |  21

#59, I have maybe 5 drinks a year, but they are usually on days when I "need a drink." Generally, it is "self medicating" to help blow off the stress at the end of a seriously bad day.

In your worldview, this makes me an alcoholic?

  PANDORUM89  |  21

that was one of my thoughts as well. Maybe he doesn't agree with the choice she made for a husband. or maybe there is drama with another family member (idk if ops parents are divorced) and he didn't want to deal with the stress.

  Axel5238  |  29

Agree with that it's possibly who they chose to be with. Love is often blind and people will fall for someone that isn't good for them because they don't see it. Lot's of things could be a sign such as if they have problems saving money just to save(you never know). I was in a serious relationship with someone and she was living with me made paying bills very difficult or it could be the OP rushed into it against advice from friends and family.

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