By Anonymous / Tuesday 16 February 2016 13:49 / United States - Chevy Chase
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  wyleanda  |  18

That hasn't kicked you out... got this from a previous fml

  squizzlebee  |  16

There's understanding and there's apathetic. It's great they apparently have no problem with OP's sexuality but it sucks they were so callous regarding how OP must have felt coming out to them.

  Zufallian  |  34

I wish my mom reacted the way OPs mom did. My mom was kind of like, "oh, how did that happen?" Now she prays for me because she thinks bisexuality is a choice and will go away.

  IronMan_Mk43  |  20

#70 being trans is not a fucking choice. it never has, and will never be a fucking choice. i did not 'choose' to be a man, i am a man. just because they raised me as a girl does not mean that my parents have the right to misgender me, neither do you or anyone else. not a day goes by where i dont wish that i was cis, so that i could look at myself in the fucking mirror and not have an emotional breakdown, so that i could walk down the street without getting slurs and snarky fucking comments thrown in my face. being trans isnt a fucking choice so dont you be going around and saying that it is because i would sell my fucking soul to be cis, even if it was just for a day.

  tantanpanda  |  26

I don't know, this seemed to play out better than the many horror stories we've heard. Didn't get shamed, hit, kicked out of the house. To me, I think OP got the better end of the stick.

By  LolKaleb  |  14

That's not a big deal. Your family will get over it and understand.

By  crudeandrudeguy  |  29

Medal, no. I'm looking for some dick.

  GeneralMotors  |  22

It actually means that they have a view of the Bible that it is 100% true. A fundamentalist only believes in the Bible, nothing more. (not all traditional religions are fundamentalist)

By  OptimusSlime  |  23

Tbh, that's kind of how people should react. No so rudely but like "I'm gay" "Congratulations I'm straight" Like it shouldn't be such a big deal. Although your family WAS rude so maybe not necessarily the way they reacted.

  ChopSuey444  |  20

Yeah this is sort of how I see it. Most people pray for a nonchalant "So?" response. Not as good as "I'm proud!" but not anywhere near as bad as "Leave my home."

  DoomedGemini  |  35

There's a difference though. At least for now, it can be terrifying to come out. Brushing it off like this can still hurt people. Some might prefer that, it depends on the person.

By  abbyade  |  21

At least you weren't insulted. However, they could have been more compassionate. It takes a lot to come out with all these judgemental people out there. Well done OP. Live your life.

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