By Stairway2Heaven / Monday 2 March 2009 21:03 / Canada
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  rachelliz  |  5


Exactly. Shouldn't her mom at least be happy that her daughters being safe about having sex? Granted, she shouldn't be doing it in the first place, but it's better than being one of those stupid bitches who think the pull out method is legit. Anyway she could just be on the pill so she wouldn't have to deal with a period every month.

  xyris_fml  |  6

I'm on depo provera, which stops periods completely, because my cramps were so bad that I missed school and work. It's not always just about sex but it also means I'm more protected when the time does come.

  bizarre_ftw  |  6

A stupid bitch with self-esteem issues apparently, what fucking reason would you have to say that to someone unless you have issues with large people, and said issues normally come from self loathing, so get a therapist and fuck off *muttered* stupid bitch >.>

By  meganski  |  6

HAHAHAHAHA! I love the fact that she called you a whore because you're being sensible about things (although that's disputable if you have a lot of empty alcohol bottles under your bed :S) PLEASE tell me your response was 'takes one to know one'!!

By  ChairmanMao  |  6

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  SamR1316  |  6

MaShe didn't want a lecture. Besides, isn't it sexist to say that a woman with multiple partners is a whore, but if a man sleeps with multiple partners then he's cool.

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