By me / Wednesday 29 August 2012 04:19 / United States - Roseau
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  MetalxSoldier  |  26

I agree with Sophie, she should have tried to fix her pipe before fixing everything else. And to all you smartasses, she didn't fix her because it clearly says "the exact same pipe" breaking 6 months earlier.

  Justy101  |  23

25 - are you fucking stupid. If your pipe BREAKS, it is clearly not usable. Normally I'm a calm person but ignorance and stupidity piss me off.

  MetalxSoldier  |  26

Actually 29, you would be the idiot. I just said in my comment that her pipe is broken and she should have fixed it (or at least replaced it) because it was broken. I hope you get modified for your stupidity.

  MetalxSoldier  |  26

Ok, look here girl with the jacked up clown face. Hypothetically if op had a hole in their pipe because it was rusted or whatever, and he put duct tape on the pipe instead of getting a new piece or welding over it, then it's not really repaired now is it?

By  Inapprehensible  |  11

That's really horrible, OP. People are really getting lazy with their jobs.
Tip: Always search on the internet for the best company's near your area to fix broken items in your household.

  supportcommand  |  17

The bottom of my parents water heater rusted out and flooded the basement. And it was constantly trying to refill itself. They got new carpet, luggage, couches, and a bunch of other stuff. Seemed pretty fair to me.

By  Elovena  |  9

An you'd think you'd have learned the first time. YDI

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