By vegas-81 / Monday 10 February 2014 03:39 / France
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By  DorklyComicFan  |  8

Maybe she was drunk too.

By  JoeyJaws68  |  18


By  Queen_bee1234  |  21

Doesn't seem like she is the sharpest tool in the shed.

By  seprunner  |  12

That's how accidents happen

By  ZY1431  |  24

well maybe she......yea no I got nothing sorry. not the sharpest tool in the or whatever you wanna use.

By  girlrome  |  19

Either she's really stupid or simply wasn't in the mood to sleep with you.

By  Zen_Mei  |  17

She doesn't want to take any chances just in case you don't pull out quick enough

  anon42146  |  8

can someone please inform me how pulling out "doesn't work" the only fucking way to get pregnant is for the sperm to be inside, if he pulls his shit out before he finishes, there won't be a problem.

  DanielleinDC  |  31

This is the problem with abstinence-only "education". Before a man comes, there's already fluid leaking (pre-ejaculate), and it often will have enough sperm to knock a woman up if she's at the right time in her cycle. Not to mention if a guy is drunk, he may not do so in time.

I'm willing to be OP's girlfriend just didn't want to have sex with her drunken boyfriend and made up a stupid excuse.

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