By why me? - / Tuesday 11 March 2014 07:21 / United States - Huntington Park
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By  leroyjenkins006  |  10

Then the land lord came and said her roommate left...40 YEARS AGO DUN DUN DUUN

  BellaBear90  |  27

No he didn't #2

By  Black_Knight80  |  13

Well OP now you guys can be friends I hope.

By  poulkrebs  |  20

He got you something. How nice of him :-)

By  pdp_fml  |  21

Could you sleep in the same bed at least?

By  ckerane  |  16

the more the better

  canupls  |  6

I couldn't help but read this in Morgan Freeman's voice lol


Who else read the comment in a Morgan Freeman voice?

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