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Yet, the mention of all the cheese that was there, before OP left, makes me want to eat cheese. Cheese makes everything better!

Why would anyone unplug the refrigerator for a short break? Especially if they have a roommate who has their food/drinks in there.


The only break colleges take right about now is spring break, which is only a week. When I say "short break", I mean in comparison to the month colleges take off for winter and the (roughly) 3 months for summer.

Would think it would come naturally for people to check what contents are inside the refrigerator when unplugging it..


Apparently that doesn't apply to 1. people storing large amounts of cheese 2. people who have a metric cunt-load of ham

That's absolutely disgusting. I'm curious to know if the entire campus was empty or not. If not, your poor neighbors!

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