By prego - / Thursday 30 April 2009 02:03 / United States
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Usually at 38 weeks preggo if there's a dangerous issue they'll induce or do a c-sec because baby is considered term at 36 or 37 weeks... I was preggo twice, both times high risk.

  kiltsaresexy  |  4

153 is right. I was 37 weeks, and they diagnosed me with preeclampsia. They induced me and had to perform an emergency C-section. I don't see why OP's doctor would put her on bedrest that far along.

By  paperfox_fml  |  0

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By  Daysgoby  |  0

she's probably a teenager, #2

  nathans_mommy  |  0

Who cares if she is.? I'm 19 and I had a baby who is now a beautiful angel ? age shouldn't matter as long as ur stable. That's how life happens people reproduce. Rip baby boy ?

By  that_guy01  |  0

you should have come up with something witty about not being a good mother and throw something about grandmother in there while you're at it, you know, to make her feel like shite.

By  xedious  |  0

Oh well. Maybe you should think twice before getting pregnant while still living with your Mom.

  hisbabygurl1  |  0

hey did u ever think that maybe her mom is staying with her because she is on emergency bedrest! why does she have to be the one who lives with their parents! ever think of that... my mom was like that to me when she stayed at my place to keep me company and my fiancé was working

By  MGW501  |  1

I suspect she's referring to you over a much longer period of time.........plus you're pregnant living at home still - you're a dream child really.

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