By Anonymous - / Sunday 24 January 2010 16:12 / United States
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By  heyitsbrii  |  0

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  JulzKay  |  0

http://www.TeenHelp.org They have a chatroom, a Live operating system, and forums.

I only put this at the top because I thought it may be a good option.

Although, obviously you were just having a bad moment, since you're still around to write this FML.

  cmccarthy05  |  0

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When I'm depressed, I go talk to my friends.. Their problems are liked 100 times worse.. And it makes me feel a little bit grateful..

I got this one friend who watched 4 of his friends get killed and had a gun held to his head..
Another, has seen 7 random dead people, he watched 3 of them die, including a drunk lady fall from a bridge..

Don't you feel better about your problems now?
If not: FYL.. I'm sorry for you..
Go watch some Will Farell or Mike Myers.. And get better soon..

  tinydancerxo  |  0

I think it's funny how people will tell a sad story to someone who is upset or even depressed, and expect him or her to magically feel better. oh ignorance. gotta love it.

  Tkdxxxse  |  0

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  BECK_OR  |  0

don't do it, I mean it. think of the good thing u hav not the bad. There's people in third world that would giv up alot for ur position in lif I'm sure. please think of the peopleur leavin b hind don't think they won't miss u they will.

  zombii_evelyn  |  0

well sometimes its like u want everything to stop, not exactly kill urself. and its scary knwoing what ur capable of, sometimes u dont rly want to follow thru with it. wen u r able to think this and find a way to stop it or get help, i think ur doing good. and i do know there r a lot of people who dont mean it, but in some cases its real, ive been there

  EffMEffinL  |  0

"Hello, I'd just like to say my friend just ate about seventeen sleeping pills after commenting that the world was out to get her, and since the day she was born she wished she was dead. Please call back at your earliest convenience."

  waywick  |  0

no, they meant butter knife, bc they know this kid only wants attention, not death...a butter knife will cause just enough concern for this young attention whore to feel useful for a bit...people who want to die go off somewhere and die - they don't post on websites and then return to read the responses...

By  HanaxD  |  0

If you're suicidal, go talk to someone in person, and you probably need a shrink too. Not the suicide prevention hotline, which doesn't even pick up the freaking phone.

By  thelifeline  |  0

When i was depressed, i listened to nevershoutnever!, and it cheered me up all the time. On the brightside was the best, and like trouble and stuff. Whatever you do, don't kill yourself!

  JHandAC  |  4

NeverShoutNever is the shit. If this person really is depressed and suicidal I definitely recommend Mr. Christofer Drew Ingle :) And OP, I really hope you change your mind. There's always a brightside, sometimes you just need to turn around to see it :)

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