By anlhawks / Friday 10 September 2010 04:02 / United States
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  xGet_Over_It  |  0

i hate guys like that.

  Geiko_fml  |  0

See, I would ask my girlfriend if she wanted to go anyways. That way if she Did want to go, it would've avoided this whole thing and done, she's going.

  EvilDave  |  13


Do you even know the meaning of the word gift? Giving something and expecting to get something in return is not giving a gift. That is commerce.

  tdawgheath  |  0

Maybe they're always together and he thought it was an opening to hang out with a friend. I hate guys that ignore their friends for pussy. Just tell him to give you half the money, one ticket was for him, and the friends will be bought. Or be a completely stuck up bitch and make him take you instead. Your choice.

  tashawoods  |  0

well your particuarly thick, it's a present to him, he can use them for whatever he likes, if it bothers you that much, then be a biaaach, take the tickets away and use them yourself, I wouldn't give my boyfriend something, expecting him to share it with me or whatever. pathetic?

  Jimboom  |  11

#3 has it spot on. If you want him to take you then tell him. Guys don't work so well with subtle and he will just get annoyed when your all pissed about him not taking you because you didn't say.

  EvilDave  |  13

Oh, so she wasn't giving him the tickets. So, maybe she shouldn't have given him the tickets. Oh, wait, then she could be playing little mind games and using emotional blackmail.

By  Molord1  |  0

ydi for buying tickets to a concert

By  BeautifulDizaztr  |  0

I'd tell him that I'll be there to pick him up and never show. He'll be late and hopefully miss the concert. maybe next time he won't be such an ass. 


Mark it on your calendars, folks— I actually *gasp* agree with Dave. If only one ticket was for him, OP should've kept the other one. It's a bit too late to take it back now. She should just buy a third if she wants to go so badly, and maybe bring a friend of hers along too to give the bf some buddy time.

  renea890812  |  0

this is a great idea...get a couple more tickets and take a friend or something, let the bf have guy time. u gave the ticket(s) to HIM, its his choice who he takes, u screwed up by not telling him that u want to take him to the concert or something like that,

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