By Anonymous - / Saturday 14 May 2016 20:16 / United States - Dearborn
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By  Kiernan151  |  25

Don't feel bad OP, some people just have weak ankles. I know I have terrible ankles and I sprain it all the time unless I wear boots. Hopefully it heals quickly though so you can start using it!

By  URBeingLied2  |  23

Always test the weight and angle of what your lifting by gradually increasing your effort. I've torn my shoulders, hurt my middle and lower back so many times by trying to do things quickly, that I'm most likely going to be immobile by the time I'm 60. Kudos on lifting with your legs though.


Today, I ate at Subway during my lunch hour. A group of teenage girls sat down at the table next to mine. They all shared good laugh about the "friendless, chubby chick" sitting near them, while attempting to discreetly point at me. FML

By endure_survive - / Monday 15 December 2014 03:17 / New Zealand - Hamilton

Today, my dad was putting seasoning salt into his mashed potatoes, when the lid came off and poured a ton of salt into the pot. My parents hate wasting food, so we still had to eat it. I think my taste buds are broken. FML

By deviable / Wednesday 9 November 2011 17:32 / Canada
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