By khood - / Tuesday 14 April 2009 05:10 / United States
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I'm pretty sure he only said Coral so he didn't sound like an idiot saying he got a pink sweatshirt not expecting it to be meant for girls.

By  dz_zb

HAHAHA ohhhhh that's a good one :D thank you for putting something worth reading on FML =)

seriously...coral color? how'd she manage to convince you it was hot? If I could convince my boyfriend coral was a hot color...oh man.... ;)

ummm since i dont even know what color "coral" is, i would have known it wasnt for me and how do you not look at the whole sweatshirt front/back before you buy it, and even after to make sure you get all the tags. if you failed to see all these signs then you are a moron.


agreed. you are a complete idiot. first of all you let your girlfriend convinse you that wearing pink is hot. second of all you did not even bother to fully look at the swaetshirt you were buying. you might want to go look at the rest of your clothes and see what's on the back of them.

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