By SenescentSouthernBoy - / Monday 17 August 2009 08:42 / United States
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  zrjones  |  0

i cant believe they post stupid shit like this. i guess i have to be a total moron to get my FMLs posted cuz they never post mine but they post this garbage all the time

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

LOL SIX, that seems to be the case, doesn't it? Though, I've sent in maybe two or three moronic FMLs myself and they didn't get posted. Luck of the draw, I guess.

By  marz88  |  0

If we were out in the wild you and the idiot who forgot to unlock his washing machine would have been eaten by now. Sadly no natural selection for you =P


Today, I searched up ways to fix my eyebrows since they were so bushy and thick. I took my tweezers and set to work. It went to shit. So now, I have one completely straight eyebrow that makes me look like Bert from Sesame Street and another that's arched like Nina Dobrev's. FML

By LexiJ1 / Monday 2 June 2014 12:00 / Australia

Today, I found out why my mother-in-law kept asking for one particular photo of our baby. She just wanted to show off the blanket that she had made to her friends on Facebook. Her first grandchild was almost completely cropped out of the picture. FML

By AndyClara / Sunday 14 June 2015 20:27 / Australia - Raymond Terrace
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