By Malina / Sunday 4 January 2015 01:42 / Australia - Sydney
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  JustinJK  |  21

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By  A07  |  47

You should be glad it was just the one, oh and maybe buy some pesticide while you're at it?

  doodlecloud  |  26

A home grown garden sounds lovely. Pesticides are the LAST thing you want. Nothing wrong with a couple of caterpillars, OP just needs to give things a once over before shoving them in her mouth

  unkhammun  |  5

Actually, I saw something similar in that show, Monsters Inside Me (not a porn parody,lol) and the guy had taken a bite of a snail(not the african snail) that was embedded in his home grown vegetables and contracted a weird brain disease that almost killed him... so yeap, I would think about finding a way to rid his stuff of bugs.

  doodlecloud  |  26

But again, that's not because snails were just around the garden, it's because HE ATE THE FREAKING SNAIL. Which wouldn't happen if he had actually looked at the cabbage and made sure there weren't bugs still on it before shoving it in his mouth.

  desoxyn242  |  14

What if he did wash it? How's that gonna remove the caterpillar from the inside?

  brasiliano  |  16

It's a leaf there is no inside.
and I assume they don't eat with their hand like it is.they break it up and cut it up etc.so wash it when leaves are all separate.

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