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I've so done this before... twice. people make fun of me for it all the time.. you have to learn to laugh at yourself OP


It doesn't mean you like playing with crap if you say "that's funny as crap" Are you guys mental or something??


it's so sad how people are dumb enough not to understand that this is sarcasm. where is your guy's sense of humor?


Edit: I zoned off apparently, I thought I was on a different post. I am very klutzy myself, but I just laugh it off...there's no reason not to.

Don't worry OP, I'm sure the time will come when your friend will walk into a sliding glass door and hopefully you will be there.

I bet your friend have had a incredibly funny time. You're so hilarious OP, keep up the good work.

Uh, first time you banged into it must have been such a hard hit, that you lost some short term memory...which caused you to forget you banged into it in the first place. Which is why you banged into it again? haha


I'm pretty sure if you hit glass too hard it will break, otherwise if you keep hitting it you must be pretty fucking stupid

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