By Anonymous - / Thursday 9 September 2010 07:48 / Australia
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By  modelshark  |  0


  BoyBeyond  |  0

Man u guys don't know. Maybe the guys life sucks and his only highlight of the day is getting the burger that he enjoys eating. Then he goes in looking for his comfort food and there like no we dont have it anymore. BBQ on the side isn't the same as getting it the way he is use too. FHL sorry dude. =)

  lajaynay  |  15

Me either. Then again, I abhor fast food. Still haven't heard about it and I know my little brother would be all over that. Maybe it was an Australia thing?

  at1325  |  0

I hope in the future u get really really fat. I hope u get so fat u have to be lifted out of ur bed with a crane just to wipe ur ass.

  darkmis1  |  17

Yes we can hate on overweight people, because unlike fat people, skinny people exercise, eat healthy, and stay in shape. Fat people sit around, eat all the time, do nothing, and complain about it.
OP: Make your friend go to the gym. NOW!

  sixtimessix  |  0

you all are dumb as shit. 91 there are some medical conditions that they can't help that make them fat. maybe they have a very bad metabolism. it's actually sad seeing people that are obese and can't do anything about it. they most definetly want to hear some stupid bitch make fun of them for it. sure there are some people who eat to much and yes they could help it but let's see you be 450 pounds and get excerise. I bet it's pretty hard.

  catatonicsleep  |  17

also some people are thin because they eat crappy food and get malnourished because the shit they eat doesn't have enough nutrients. so junk food doesn't automatically equal fat

  MarkSeattle  |  0

fatties are full of excuses. you're fat because you consume more calories than you expend, period. so consume less and/or expend more energy. my metabolism sucks, so I eat less, am hungry most of the time, and resist the urge to eat a bag of gummie worms every day. if you choose not to take steps to prevent yourself from being obese then YDI, fattie. stop making excuses.


75 I see it just fine on my iPhone, I said you look like a girl.

91 Maybe I could post a classy pic of myself with ratty long hair, in what appears to be a house with wood paneling. Your trailer looks nice!

  darkmis1  |  17

Actually I'm sitting in a bar, posing for a photoshoot. And my hair isn't ratty-actually, everyone always compliments me on it. Nice try though.
And even if people do have a medical condition and it's hard for them to exercise at 450 pounds, they still deserve it for letting themselves get to 450 pounds!
*sigh* All you fat people have so much hatrid.

  jjpavo  |  0

im fat but i have a low metabolism. i exxersise everyday and im on the highschool football team. not all fat ppl are lazy so stfu. i eat healthy and excersise more than ur lazy asses.

  rfngxhhshi  |  0

I think we're all missing the point here. this kid we're all replying to is a faggot who takes mirror pictures of him and his stache that resembles the facial hair of a 13 year old. THATisall.

jk, it's not. don't hate on fat people. people with good metabolisms like the ugly chick at the bar don't understand that being fat does not make someone lazy or being skinny does not make someone active.


#186, I hate to break it to you, but it is highly unlikely that #123's picture is actually photo of themself.
Just because someone has a drawing of an elephant as their profile picture does not automatically mean they're overweight, nor does it mean that they can't state their opinion.

  demomanX  |  0

4 looks like one of those dudes that talks about being a thug on Facebook, and has like 7+ kids and doesn't take care of any of them. maybe even hoping to get your rap career going because you don't have to work.

  GraysonIsFail  |  0

142 are you stupid? You said and I quote "Get your hair out of your because you look like a girl". Does that shot makes sense to you? Read it a few times so it sinks into your thick head. You clearly missed a whole word in that sentence.

  WTFreversed  |  5

agreed for 185 too that bar chick some people actually sometimes get to skinny and needa take mess to get over weight cos they get need to, to survive and lose their hair some people have cancer so watch what you say treat everyone equal or their gonna keep hating you


192 You want to bust balls because a word was forgotten when you put "thatisall" like it's a real word? Your hairstyle is stupid and you look like an emo girl. Ijustmadeupaword

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