By knife knife - / Tuesday 20 September 2016 00:38 / United Kingdom - Dalkeith
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  Kaylana_fml  |  27

Completely assuming this based off of the context, but I think the OP was too tired/not in the mood for social interaction, and just found it easier in that moment to improvise rather than make the required niceties in order to obtain another fork.

I can honestly sympathize, sometimes we have to be in a social setting when we really aren't up for it.


There's such a thing as social anxiety. Simple for you may not be simple for some. Don't be so judgemental.

  Migole  |  36

@14: So this person managed to eat out on his own, order on his own and pay on his own but asking for an extra fork was too much? Yeah, I don't believe it.

  orangejubejube  |  20

#21 that is actually a possible situation. I have anxiety that sometimes prevents me from socializing for days. Once, I went to an interview and rocked the whole thing, but forgot my mittens at the interview and they still sit in the lost and found even though I'm currently working there. I am much to anxious to have walked back in the building, called later, or ask about them when I started working, or even now. And yet, I can go to work every day and do my job.

  gomiyage  |  7

If you have anxiety, the moment something goes "off script", you just panic and can't move past it. It's easy to do something if you know what to expect, but when something changes that expectation, you're completely lost.


Wow, some people here just don't understand social anxiety. People with social anxiety aren't all hermits who stay in their houses and never leave. It doesn't mean they aren't capable whatsoever of talking to anyone. It means they are terrified of confrontational situations in varying degrees and it manifests differently in everyone. I have it so I know. I can force myself to go out when necessary and even talk to people if I am feeling brave. Social anxiety is an internal struggle and believe or not, it is possible to overcome it, even if it might be in small doses like going to a restaurant with a friend or by myself. That doesn't mean it stops the panicking or anxiety itself, it just means that a person refuses to be held back because of their disorder. Still, there can be limits. For example, if OP has social anxiety, she has already pushed herself enough to go out and order, but then she was faced with an unexpected dilemma which would require her to get someone's attention to talk to them. She didn't prepare for that. A lot of the time, I have to prepare myself and go through panic attacks before pushing myself to do anything social. I can't deal with impromptu socializing as well as I would like. So, again, stop judging. We all don't know if it was just embarrassment, social anxiety, or something else.

  domolovesyoshi  |  33

While that is true I doubt someone with social anxiety would go out
If they're tired, I have social anxiety and while I push myself to
go out to restaurants when I'm tired there is no way I can even function


You know, EVERY SINGLE TIME someone on FML does something that's easily preventable by opening their mouth and talking to people, there are the people in the comments defending them saying 'Oh god, you probably have social anxiety! Why is everyone being so insensitive?' I'm pretty sure if OP did have that condition, she would've mentioned it in the actual FML. She had more than enough characters left. Instead, she took the time to explain how she was tired, which would've been the least of her problems if she was a person with social anxiety stuck in a highly social situation.


37 - all I can say to that is, there's nothing wrong with showing sympathy and trying to see the reasons behind the action, rather than just see them as stupid or lacking common sense straight off the bat. I'm sorry you don't like comments like mine, but we'll just have to agree to disagree :) Have a good night!

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