By transfer - / Friday 3 June 2011 21:34 / United States
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By  Sparx1_1  |  16


They accepted you into a specific program. Once you decided to change majors they would have re-checked your qualifications for the new program and the number of spaces available. Either you did not qualify or there was no room.
By the time they went through all that, the original program was probably full and they could no longer fit you in.

For the rest of you aspiring geniuses who are assuming this is the universities fault - never change your major without first checking that you qualify AND there is space. If you skip that step then you are an idiot and don't deserve to go at all.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

...really? i got hacked?
yeah, those damn hackers, started sending out formal letters asking to change my major in my class. cos thats what those guys like to do, meddle in the details of my curriculum! damn hackers!


YDI if you applied for a rare major just to get in. Otherwise FYL.

  atomicbaboon  |  0

hense the "if" and "otherwise". also, I know many people who apply to colleges declaring majors like herbology in order to get in, then they change it to a common one.

By  blairebourgeois  |  2

At least it wont cheat on you for once! ;P


Today, I tried explaining to my mom how liking her own posts on Facebook wasn't very cool. I later logged in to see she'd added all my friends and posted naked baby pictures of me, captioning them, "Now I don't have to like my own posts." FML

By Sydney1600 - / Thursday 20 June 2013 23:28 / United States - Lawndale
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