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By  OEsEben  |  0

you'll never get her, you already showed that you aren't confident enough by asking her to do something FRIENDS do. ask her on a date ball-less

By  ughidgaf  |  0

lol but maybe you're the guy with whom she wants to get OUT of the friend zone. if she knew what the movie was about. if she didn't, then it's iffy. you should ask.

By  leadninja  |  0

taking from what #4 said, this means that this part of your life is not an FML. but if you posted the part of your life where you over think shit until you're in a coma, that would be FYL

By  Emmett_Luver_101  |  0

that means nothing maybe it looked like a good movie and people no one said the movie is still in theaters the fml form says you must put today at the begining of every fml this could have happened years ago and hes remembering it now

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