By IHateSchool-.- / Thursday 11 December 2014 23:13 / United States
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  Cupcake040  |  17

Why on earth would you ask your teacher that??!! Its a ydi all the way, asking the teacher his or her age doesnt benefit op at all (or anyway i can imagine) so they should have realized that its an uncomfortable topics for a lot of people.

  kitsy  |  14

I've asked my teachers how old they are, before. It doesn't benefit me but sometimes it is just cool to know. I have one teacher who looks 20 but is 41, so when we found out we were like: WOAAAAAHHHH for a while.

By  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

I don't study so I'd say he is pretty young 23....

  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

I was joking. I don't study for real though and i maintain a B in all classes in my university. I have a photogenic memory.

  teyyoshi  |  19

why is your comment bule ?

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