By ihatejasonderulo / Tuesday 2 September 2014 15:32 / United Kingdom - Hounslow
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  grogers311  |  20

Haha #19

  CaptainSmith28  |  19

This is clearly a reference to Jason Derulo's song "talk dirty"

By  deceiver100  |  5

sucks man!

By  sayyestothedress  |  24

That's her way of talking dirty to her and anyways it's SAXophone! People sometimes say it sexophone so maybe she thought it would turn you on?

  noah_1234  |  24

those were the old days now all people want to listen to is justin bieber and his autotune

By  MegasaurusRex89  |  28

To be fair, saxophones are the sexiest of all instruments

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