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Tbh unless you're doing something super complex (PHD) you can generally find more information on your school work with either Google or scholarly articles.

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I'd thank him with a huge bowl of spiders Seriously, I think he just doesn't know and is trying to make an excuse not to do it.

What a heartless bastard. Everyone knows that proteins are brain food. He shoulda brought you bacon.


I hope it was a grape vine. That pun is GRAPE (great). Lol, I'm to funny. hopefully this comment dosent get graped by dislikes


Just a pointer #27. When you make efforts to point out your puns, mention how funny you think you are and then incorrectly use "to" instead of "too"then you are guaranteed to be voted down.

Look for answers else where. Sometimes it's hard for parents, even if the are educated, to remember how to solve the problems set in school.


It's hard, because they keep changing the way they do things, like math. I was a whiz at math all through school, and I can't even help my seven year old daughter anymore because they do so many weird things now to find the answer.

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