By ladyhead / Thursday 18 December 2008 16:30 / United Kingdom
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Today, while at work as a cashier, one lady's total was $1.32. She handed me the dollar, and then apologized. When I looked at her, confused as to what she was sorry about, she went wrist deep into her bra, grabbed some change, and quickly put it into my hand. It was wet and it smelt. FML

By CliffyB03 / Monday 1 August 2016 21:00 / United States - Coraopolis

Today, I found a job after two years of searching. I excitedly called my best friend to tell her the good news. She decided break her own news about how she quit yet another good paying job and found an even better one within hours. FML

By MzZombicidal - / Tuesday 17 December 2013 17:28 / United States - Radcliff
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