By MaddyN / Tuesday 8 July 2014 04:26 / United States - Forest Grove
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  JBChristian  |  46

Caught on to what 21 was saying right after I thumbed down.

  Sandman366  |  6

Have you ever been to Earth? It's like a rule of life, if stupidity can be applied, then it will eventually be applied to such an extreme it will hurt your mind.

By  strawberrywine22  |  27

Some people are just...stupid. I mean, how stupid can a person be?

By  Ilikepie467  |  10

Nah son he was talking about the new sun gang hitting the streets that's why you were almost fired.

  sammyjanette  |  17

This comment is completely ignorant. Someone from an impoverished area with a lot of gang activity, or as you like to call it the "ghetto" would know better than to think that shading your eyes from the sun is a gang sign. The customer in this FML sounds like the type to label any and everything as gang-related or ghetto......


Are you fucking stupid? That's exactly what happened. They mistook OP shading her eyes as a gang sign. And as you said in your last sentence, the customer in this FML sounds like the type to consider all things gang related, which is what I said in my comment you dumb fuck.


Haha damn bro I'm a waste of skin because of a comment I made on a website? You take this stuff way too serious lol. And to the other I guy, I get what you were saying,". You we're saying that anyone from the ghetto would know if it was a gang sign or not right?

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