By MsGlaDos / Wednesday 12 June 2013 21:45 / United States - Austin
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By  ScruffyFML  |  10

Instead of just asking you for help.. Yup, fyl.

By  dead_insects  |  18

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  BandWagonGuy  |  8

Of course she's cool, fuck you society.

By  warfare32  |  9

I imagine it is hard for older people to use such complex devices. sorry op your iPad got destroyed!

  cristy91  |  33

Being in your fifties usually doesn't limit you from learning, both of my parents are in the 50-60 range and they play with all my gadgets after I teach them the basics.

By  davincidasecond  |  24

So what, he's never heard of earplugs? FYL ...

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