By person / Sunday 20 September 2015 23:57 / United States - League City
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By  Gamulea  |  6

don't fall asleep at work next time

  LycanGod  |  27

hey 38.. I have done an 8, 12 and 16 hour shift before and was awake the whole time.... so what's your point?

  may14th  |  26

everyone is different. also if op has a job where he or she doesn't have much to do at a lot of points (sitting at a desk, cashier, etc) it could be easy to doze off

  LunaRebirth  |  7

64 you were doing something outside with people in the heat. obviously you'll be awake for that. like what 49 said, if op was working a boring 12-hour shift, it'd be easy to doze off and fall asleep.

By  Xelthen  |  10

Your coworkers suck, but still you kinda deserve it for falling asleep. I hope you find another job.


So OP deserved to have their coffee spiked and then fired for it because their coworkers are a bunch of dicks, all because they fell asleep? I hope I never have you as a coworker.

  leogachi  |  15

@59 He deserved to be fired for sleeping on the job.

  dcam13  |  19

seems pretty likely OP is the dick of the group if his coworkers hated him enough to plan a way to get him fired and carry it out. no one would do something that mean to someone they even kind of liked.
but if I'm wrong, I'm sorry OP.

  bcalle  |  8

I would have begged for a blood alcohol level test and security tapes. Honestly though it seems like you did a lot of work and this was planned. Does your boss and coworkers hate you? Maybe it was for the better. This could go a lot of ways but basically fyl and I'm sorry

By  Shuff52  |  21

Your job must've been boring. You didn't want to work there anyway

  Shuff52  |  21

I'm not saying what happened was right but If you're exhausted after 12 hrs you have a problem. I'd fire you for sleeping on the job.

  KJRowling  |  12

I used to do 12-16 hour shifts over Christmas, working in a hotel. During my break I'd sit down and just fall asleep - at the end of my break one of the girls would just wake me up. My job wasn't boring and I wasn't lazy, I just hadn't sat down for hours. Even if OP accidentally fell asleep not on a break, after that amount of time your body can just switch off to recharge. We're all human and bosses should really understand that, especially if it was the first time.

  AyeJay101  |  25

12 hour shift is pretty common for the working environment, OP must not have had enough sleep in the prior night(s) for reasons unknown.

  PennyLane27  |  30

A 12 hour shift is not that common for most fields (medical staff and a few other fields being an exception). Typically hours are capped at 8 a day for 5 working days, or 10 hours a day for 4 day weeks. 40 hours a week, max, before overtime is required. Again, there are some loopholes. But those are atypical.

By  kudwafuuu  |  15

why didn't your coworkers explain it after that they were playing a, albeit shitty, prank on you? it seems like neither your coworkers or boss seem to like you that much :-/

hope you find better employment soon OP if that doesn't get resolved / you don't get your job back

  Utetopia2014  |  18

They didn't say anything because its probably a made up story...
Think about it... if you were a manager/boss, and some of your workers claimed that with another, would you listen to what that person had to say? Or would you fire them straight up without question?

  Algorithm  |  24

I know it's reaching beyond the scope of the FML, but you do kinda have to wonder why OP's coworkers hate them so much they'd resort to deliberate sabotage, and why OP's boss wouldn't even listen to them based on respect for a good record.

That being said, god knows nightmare bosses and nightmare coworkers happen to good people way too often.

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