By ilovecharliesheen - / Tuesday 17 March 2015 07:14 / United States - Phoenix
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By  Jace_Crockett  |  12

Um, why is your cat treats so close to your cinnamon glazed peacans? And wouldn't you notice the smell?

By  UmmOkThen  |  31

That's just Puuurrrrr-fect.

By  SeanLewis  |  17

How catastrophic.

By  thugling  |  9

Are you saying purina soft cat treats are NOT cinnamon glazed pecans?!?!?

By  Sandsh8rk  |  36

I bet you wish you could paws that moment and rewind to before you ate those treats.

By  haileyrows  |  26

That's just nuts! Couldn't you taste the catastrophe as soon as you ate the first one?

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