By Anonymous - / Friday 16 October 2015 17:12 / United States - Eagle River
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Legitimate sympathy? On the internet? AND it got upvoted? The end is near.

  redbluegreen  |  40

If someone's going to throw a brick into OP's house, you don't know what other acts of violence they're willing to commit. Forwarding the previous owner's address could potentially put them in the hospital, or worse, the morgue.

  ColorOfSoul  |  19

It was a joke, besides, watching a brick you throw into a house flying back out and land on the floor is a scene just too funny in my imagination.
I am going to quote joker now: "Why So Serious?"

By  Poehayden  |  15

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  Dave_Davington  |  27

There it is again. I swear, no matter what get posted on this site, there's always at least one person in the comments saying "have a talk about it".

By  iAlissa  |  34

If she was so eager to get out, this guy make actually be super dangerous.
I would go to the police. I hope you at least got a glimpse of him of his vehicle. (If needed, contact Claire)

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