By Scholar / Wednesday 5 September 2012 16:13 / United States
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By  dancerNsinger4li  |  0

Should've joined them. Lol

  Futacy  |  29

1- INVOLUNTARY CELIBACY, do I have to spell it out? If OP couldn't get laid for the past 30 months, what makes you think his/her roommates would be the ones to do it with OP? think.

By  paddy4169  |  5

Well see there's an upside to this, you have a choice of two people that you can bang. Pick one and join in :P

  paddy4169  |  5

Surprise butt sex. You'll also notice the word involuntary meaning he wants to, and not gonna lie if I went 30 months, and my roommates were constantly going at it in the other room, I'd seriously consider it. Besides its a joke, you know those things that don't necessarily add up logic wise, but the thought of OP going into the other room, and politely asking his roommate who's midway through banging some person if he could join is, IMO opinion is hilarious. Besides its not as if threesomes NEVER happen.

  paddy4169  |  5

And dark fairy, not only is your argument invalid because quite frankly who names themselves dark fairy, but please explain to me how by the fact that OP using the word involuntary in anyway means that I don't understand what celibacy (abstaining from sex) means. The fact that he used the word involuntary means that my idea is valid. Ok I'm done.


62- Er, "headdesking"? Also, I completely agree with you... Making fun of someone's username to debunk their comment is ridiculous, since it has nothing to do with what they said. (At least in this instance)

  paddy4169  |  5

Involuntary in this case means that it was forced upon them, meaning that OP does want to have sex, but it's obvious that he is un able to find a sexual partner, and if you don't think that, that was a joke, then yes whenever I hear people having sex, I spontaneously get an uncontrollable urge to get in on the action. I said he had a choice of who he could bang purely based on the fact that he has two roommates who as the FML states are constantly bringing people over to have sex with them. Anyway keep on 'face desking' maybe one day you'll do it too hard and I'll never have to read any more from you. Either that or you learn not to be a wanker and think that your interpretation of the comment is more valid than the original poster, and if you are going to insult someone for 'acting' like a 4 year old, you might want to learn how to construct an argument without using a list, it's very helpful, especially after year 6.

By  hopsinlove17  |  26

That's pretty inconsiderate of them:(

  MDTeddy  |  13

Roomates aren't suppose to be male and female. it is only all female or all male. I am curious as to how this roomate situation happened.

  josiemorehouse  |  12

Am I the only one who thinks this comment is idiotic?!? How is this inconsiderate to the OP? So does that mean that OP's roommates should not have sex at all? That's not fair. I mean, poor OP, I couldn't imagine 30 months of no celibacy. But making the roommates live sex-free isn't fair. The roommates should try to keep it down, but they shouldn't feel bad.

OP: go out & get some!! Trust me, it's not that hard to get laid. Good luck, and invest in some good earbuds or headphones.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

josiemorehouse, because having loud sex while your roommate is nearby is rude and inconsiderate. How would you like it if you're in OP's shoes hearing them in the middle of their fuck-fest? They could at least go somewhere else where they wouldn't bother someone.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

My brother just moved into an apartment with three other women, no men besides him. There is a real world out there you know and you usually have a roommate until you can afford to actually live on your own. College isn't the only place people share rooms

  jnibbles  |  5

Op roommates have every right to have sex with their partners in their own rooms that they pay for. Although the should try to be quieter if people are around and also try to wait when op is out before they have sex.

  bfsd42  |  20

Wow. This thread of comments makes me realist how young and ignorant the commenters are here.

In the real world, guys have girl roommates and people hear people have sex.

Do you people really think that this is not the case?

  SWEET_CS  |  6

thank you!! I was just about to comment similarly, I'm in a similar situation right now having three roommates, all guys, me and one roommate both have girls, but we get bitched out if were heard having sex... sadly when you have roommates who are sexually active then hearing sex noises may just be a fact of life... I understand trying to keep it down, but when there's only a thin wall and a more thin door for sound proofing that's easier said than done... even with music, and even with music bumping its not hard to figure out why you're playing loud music at night.....


That's funny 25, because you're eighteen years old. Oh wait, that's the point. Silly me.

  ShyAnn29  |  14

It's been 2 years for me.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I've gone a month and that's hard.

  jovizzle  |  8

88.. Unless that's a religious preference.. That's just something people who can't get any say.

By  cylus13  |  9

Yes both men did do some really bad things with there lives and yes that's an understatement. But as far as debate goes. I know hitler was one of the best. So it is a complement even if the teacher didn't realize it. But it's what you do with your life that can ether make you great or evil.


Hitler was a genius. He brought about many great inventions and innovations, and helped Germany to its feet when the whole world was sticking it to them. The whole holocaust thing wasn't really as simple as it was cracked up to be. Hitler wanted to promote evolution by doing what nature would normally do, by killing off the genetically inferior. He didn't really have anything against the jews, they were just a scape goat. People already hated the Jews, so by blaming all of Germany's problems on them, and then rounding them up he gained massive popularity. Since he was taking them out of society and creating camps to put them in, he made them work. And instead of differentiating camps for Jews and everybody else he just put them all in the same camps and worked them to death in many cases. Others, however, who were too weak to work were killed off immediately instead of forcing them to suffer, and also to keep them from slowing things down.

By  bones_17  |  5

Leave the house and find a girl at a club or mall or grocery store.
If that dont work look for a hooker
That dont wok get a rub and tug


He/She has involuntary celibacy dumb-ass.

By  Sillydeadperson  |  17

Involuntary? Who (or what) could possibly force any human being to become celibate?

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