The illustrated FMLs

Today, for the first time since kindergarten, I won! I came first! Yes, I'm first on the waiting list for the M.A. degree I applied to. FML

By winneuse / Friday 5 June 2015 02:30 / France - Allennes-les-marais
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  zahidnasir  |  19

nobody can be better off until making some worse

  sprints54  |  18

Getting learned really??? That's no where near proper English or being grammatically correct.

  nickaa827  |  13

man shut up and say something encouraging stop shitting on people's days

  jstaines47  |  16

Really good chance. OP is dumb as shit if he thinks it's a FML you are almost guaranteed to get in if you are first on the wait list. YDI but that's a good thing so congrats

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