By stdpositivenow - / Tuesday 18 October 2011 14:16 / United States
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You know what's weird? That all 3 comments above me has animal pictures! Except one who killed the poor piggy to satisfy his fat ass! bastard. K bye!

  sky13_fml  |  4

Awww. That's aweful.

  alpaquette91  |  9

Eh a watch has time ...

By  every1luvsboners  |  11

You gave he a watch. He gave you the gift that keeps on giving. I'd say that you're the winner here.

  Adorlee  |  11

You`re lame.

By  raphanne_fml  |  33

That sucks. I would say SEXchange it and get a refund but well.... With this kind of present...

By  stormchaser24  |  24

Wow a $7000 watch for your boyfriend. Dang. Try something cheaper next time.

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