By Anonymous / Thursday 13 September 2012 03:58 / United States - Cedar Rapids
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By  ScottieJo  |  8

YFI for being an idiot.

  ScottieJo  |  8

You are because you clearly lack the intelligence to realise that it was a typo.

  desireev  |  17

If that is what OP does when they're trying to rebel and be angry, then there is no reason to call somebody an idiot. I'm actually proud that OP felt remorse and dug it out of the trash can.
You wanna talk about being an idiot? People who get mad, punch walls, and break their arms/hands/wrists are the idiots. Or people who get mad and hit their spouse/kids are the idiots. Or the people who get mad and drive their cars like a bat out of hell and risk killing themselves, or others, are the idiots...
Way to go, OP! Way to keep it calm and fix your mistake! :)


Pussies recycle

By  marmlr339  |  14

YDI for being stupid. Not sure why that'd make you feel better anyway...

By  miss_sqwert  |  19

That's just wired next time just go to gym and beat the snot out of a punching bag like a normal person

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