By Msrebound - / Thursday 21 December 2017 19:00 /
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By  maikeru1979  |  17

I was with my ex wife for almost 10 years and most stories I have of my life involve her. It could be because of something like that. Or maybe he has a kid with his ex. we don't know because we aren't told. This is one of the reasons I really hate people is because they always jump to negative solutions without ever know the whole story(..i.e, reading a one or two sentence fml or even the headline of an news article)

  Mynxie  |  26

Reminiscing about a person is a lot different from talking about the person with whom you had a child with. Talking about all the great things you did with an ex is not good. Talking about having to pick up a child from an ex is a completely different thing or something that happened with the child and the ex is normal. I think you don't understand the definition of the word reminisce.

By  yeongji  |  27

Like most others have said, it is about time to consider whether you want to be someone who is still holding onto the past. It is not a matter of being selfish or anything, but if he is not considerate about how you feel, then you should not let him get away with it either.

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