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  IWishIWasObama  |  12

There are times execs from rival companies will meet -one company is looking to absorb the other -settling a lawsuit -maybe if there's a project so big it will require a joint venture it's actually not that uncommon

  Wsparta  |  26

my bosses sometimes visit our direct competition to observe their operations. A lot of times it shows them things we are doing right, doing wrong, and sometimes ways the other place is doing wrong so we avoid those pitfalls.

By  sammiixoxo  |  12

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  extrasnipes  |  22

Well it's a great way to make money. Own bought places. And if there's a rival it's because you want both places to do really well and sell of as many products. Then you let the money roll in. Or he was looking for a job to because his company is going down or he is about to be fired. Or he's undercover Or well the possibilities are endless

By  Baustigt  |  40

Quick! He's trying to steal your job! Tie him up in the parking lot with a sock in his mouth to eliminate the threat. Just don't let them see that you're missing a sock or people are going to asking a whole lot of questions.

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