By BigMoney / Wednesday 7 September 2011 17:25 / United States
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  Hayman68  |  4

*you *at least *wasn't *$2 million *you would

  elseanel  |  0

Who cares if other people want to type 'u' than you. You arent them so shut up.

By  Hayman68  |  4

irony, that is

  oboewhore_xD  |  6

Irony* is.*

I think it's ironic that he/she corrected the grammar and spelling of the commenter above, yet fails to use correct capitalization and punctuation on his/her own post.

By  Hayman68  |  4

irony, that is

By  exotica_fml  |  6

wasn't meant to be

By  doctor_awesome  |  8

Uh, yeah.... What were you doing behind a cabinet?

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