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You must be the typical conceited bitch whose immature as fuck. If I ever saw a fuckin asshole like you, I would knock you the fuck out before you even saw it comin. I'm fuckin sick of these fuckin asshole cunt bitches who think they're all fuckin that. My blood pressure is fuckin rising just reading about your bitch ass.


13- The real question is: Who WOULDN'T laugh at their boss? Especially if you hate your boss. I know that I would laugh.


unless the manager is cool then who cares. broken arms heal but someone you don't like falling on their face is priceless

By  lyn29

thats funny ...i always laugh in these kind of situations ... so i guess its not really ur fault but it is kind of mean :S


Classic... This happened to the majority of my basketball team when we ran onto the court that was just cleaned once. Slapstick comedy is always funny

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