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Me. I just spent the past 10 minutes pretending I was Storm by gesturing to the clouds gathering outside the window.. Important note: I'm not at work. Pick your moments, OP.

SAY GOODBYE TO: 1. Your self-respect 2. Respect from your boss or co-workers 3. ANY shot at a raise and/or promotion 4. The hot chick from the accounting department you wanted to ask out 5. Any invitations to parties, lunches, drinks after work with co-workers, pretty much any sort of life SAY HELLO TO: 1. Snickering behind your back 2. Being make fun of at the water cooler 3. A life of being alone 4. Being stuck in your current position forever 5. Take out food, eaten by yourself in your cold, lonely apartment.


How the heck did you type all of that and still end up being #10? By the time I think of anything relevant, and type it all up, the best I can hope for is in the 200's 0_o


Who gives a fuck abput what others think!!???if you work well&get on with the managment its no problem. This is a minor thing..compared to what other people do at work..including me..

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