By Anonymous - / Friday 2 August 2013 21:34 / United Kingdom - Newcastle Upon Tyne
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By  JoshuahColins  |  19

I guess you were in... *removes sunglasses * A shitty situation YAAAAAAAAAAAA

  ViRepz  |  28

Don't crap yourself from all that excitement.


Talk about a shitty day. Sorry, I had to! Perfect opportunity.

  pantherpride98  |  10

They're just haters :P

  challan  |  19

Josh, on FML only Perdix wears sunglasses.

  JoshuahColins  |  19

I've always wanted to use it, cut me some slack

  Welshite  |  39

#33: Calling members out like that exhibits a level of immaturity rarely seen. Watch yourself.

  lizzi02  |  13

I have Crohn's Disease as well, and quite a few people with more severe cases do need to brong extra pants with them. And even with a mild case, you don't always get a lot of warning before you have to find a bathroom.

By  tegraturbo2000  |  15

your boss has a real shitty attitude..sry op

By  j_729  |  18

*incoming shitty situation puns*

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