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  threer  |  23

It technically is sexual harassment, yes? Because she posted an FML about it so it's unwanted sexual attention.. It's not bad but it still is.

  feroxletum  |  25

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  Dre27  |  28

#7, Jesus Christ, if you're going to be on a site like this you gotta be able to handle joking and shit, don't you think you're being a bit too literal for a site titled Fuck My Life?

  Xalandra  |  30

Not sure you'd like her. Some asshole's dogs got loose and they trampled her to death on the sidewalk next to my house over a year ago, not sure you'd think she looks so nice now.

  threer  |  30

No one should have to accept unwanted sexual advances, including men. Yes, it's wrong and shouldn't have been taken so lightly and without morals even within the FML community.

  nightbirdblue  |  30

Unwanted sexual advances? What the hell is flirting then? Has everyone you have ever flirted with been interested in you? Otherwise you've committed sexually harassment by your definition multiple times. Harassment isn't just one incidence. It is multiple with knowledge of how you're making the victim feel uncomfortable. If we lay sexually harassment down in your standard, then everyone who has tried asking someone out, complimenting someone, and other such things without the other party interested could be defined as sexually harassment. No one could ask anyone out without fear of being slapped with a lawsuit because the other person just isn't interested.

By  asnakelovinbabe  |  25

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