By bakerysux / Tuesday 23 December 2014 01:21 / United States
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It's the holidays, everyone goes insane. Tell her she should have ordered it a month ago. Good luck, OP!

The customer is not always right. But we all apparently have to pretend they are to keep the business going


when I started my job, I had to watch a video and it said "the customer isn't always right, but the customer always has to win"

Well getting her to accept that should be a piece of cake, then. Since she's crying even though she's already been warned.

Not to sound like the bad guy, but if she wanted the cake to look like the display one, why didn't you just make it in a faded colour? (I'm assuming that the colour was the icing, rather than the cake itself).


She said she explained it to the woman when she placed her order. That's a pretty ridiculous thing to cry about

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