By Anonymous - / Saturday 9 June 2012 02:36 / United Kingdom - London
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  PantyGAMES  |  10

But was it a show anybody wanted to see? I'm assuming that because she was wearing a bikini, at least she was, but her boyfriend could be extremely unattractive. Who knows?


14- they BOTH could be unattractive. Oooor they can both be really attractive. That has nothing to do with the fact at hand; everyone got a free show. No matter what they look like.

  PantyGAMES  |  10

I'm simply saying: is it a show they wanted to see? ^_^


Most porn sites are free:)

  Killuhk  |  8

Stupid anti-flood protection crap..lol i've tried commenting this for a few minutes now just to type, "pay back?" Lol


I guess she meant to pull them down...

By  Killuhk  |  8

You should have pulled the, "but officer, we were only trying to get rid of our tan lines" card...lol

By  stompic  |  2

you just made my day :D

By  angelamhill  |  7

You should of explained. :o

By  reddudeover  |  2

Next time use your words.

  reddudeover  |  2

Using my words as well: That's completely arbitrary, this picture was put up as a DIRECT response to some one calling me flabby. And you judging someone by a picture makes you a bitch.

  reddudeover  |  2

78 - People change their profile pics to match jokes all the time, the change in pic ALSO matched the comment that I left.

Wouldn't the MORE insecure douches be the ones attacking people online?

By  Lizza330  |  28

That's part of the reason why if I ever go to the beach I would wear one of thoese tankini things.

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

Tankinis are horrible and give you weird tan lines. Believe me, this is the first year I've worn a bikini(parents' rules that I couldn't before) and it's much, much better.
And you don't have a swimsuit?

By  mrtjawesome  |  14

oh, this isnt the naked beach? *poker face*


Today, I threw an eraser at my brother to get his attention because he couldn't hear me over his music. Being in a bad mood, he thought I was trying to aggravate his bad mood and responded by throwing a small desk cactus back. FML

By ThatGuyWithFMLs - / Tuesday 25 February 2014 09:31 / Japan - Osaka
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