By Muwz / Wednesday 13 August 2014 04:28 / France - Paris
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By  Mightytall  |  32

Hope you didn't get burned and only a handful of glibber

  stargirl_95  |  24

I think that he's referring to the fact that you can get nasty stings from a jellyfish and he hopes that OP grabbed the top part of the jellyfish that doesn't sting you as opposed to the tentacle things that do.

  brivielle  |  15

But if it had been a bag where did you intend to put it? You were really gonna stroll with it looking for a bin? Wow you're really intense OP

  schhichick  |  14

He did not realize there was a jellyfish until it was too late #50

  xxrogerthatxx  |  19

Your code breakers came true 31. 33's saying "didn't get burned"-didn't get stung; "handle full of glibber"-the gooey top part of the jellyfish. Sorry for the downvote number 1.

  Mightytall  |  32

That is what happens when you answer on an FML while still super sleepy.
I hope OP didn't touch the stinging part of the jellyfish, instead I hope it was only the top glibbery jelly part.
That way no burns but only a handful of nasty glibber.

  LittleBells  |  17

I was about to comment about Friends but the 2 people above me beat me to it

  doodlecloud  |  26

Who voted 36 down? She's completely right and tbh, I'm surprised people are still saying to pee on it in this day and age...I like Friends as much as the next guy but it's pretty well known to be a myth. Some say vinegar helps, others say no...your best bet is just to rinse with more sea water. And apparently shaving foam and ice packs can help but they should probably be put on after the initial shock and treatment. But yeah, definitely don't pee on it or rinse with fresh water, you'll just make it worse.

By  subhaan786  |  19

I like your though process.
But how on earth could you mistake a carrier bag for a jellyfish? I mean I don't see like tesco branded jellyfish anywhere ahaha.

  tj4234  |  35

Having seen a Portugese Man O' War, I can confirm that they do look like shopping bags.

Their sting is also particularly nasty, and potentially fatal if stung more than once (even if you are stung a second time years later) so i seriously hope it wasn't one of those.

  SkyGuy32  |  17

Sea turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish a lot actually. Then they eat them and starve to death because it clogs them up and makes them feel full, so they can't eat and wouldn't if they could.

By  lvchadaren  |  10

Awwww poor jellyfish

By  slyde32  |  12

as soon as I read "wanted to do something good" I knew it was a jellyfish

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