By Anonymous / Friday 1 January 2016 07:03 / United States - Reno
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By  rllyfrickenbored  |  17

i ain't 20, but i know how you feel. good luck with your cat

  ellab34  |  5

But then u can't watch tv

  0to100rq  |  6

Or you could euthanize the bastard. Then you can watch tv and stay up, problem solved.

By  ManUtdFan743  |  21

Look at the bright side, at least you're getting a (I presume) healthy amount of sleep every night if your cat is so punctual with her enforcement of the bed time haha.

By  maydayyparade  |  27

you've cat to be kitty me right meow

  leogachi  |  15

@14 Your mother doesn't?


Today, I found my diamond earring, which had gone missing. The vet had to surgically remove it from my dog. Despite having made the voyage through the dog's digestive tract, the earring is more expensive than ever. FML

By IamHM - / Saturday 19 September 2015 22:43 / United States - Albuquerque
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