By -- / Sunday 4 September 2011 16:42 / Canada
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  margie2194  |  12

Flavored gloves. Just another way dentists are trying to make them like you. And you wonder why dentists have high suicide rates


He was just tasting it so he can put one on his dick to surprise his mom

By  Raaa_fml  |  5

So, hows that weather huh?

  leadman1989  |  15

I'm sure a zombie would have the answer for you. The ironic part is trying to talk to a zombie would mean you're stupid so you'd be asking how you taste.


  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Bubblegum taste like shit?
You guys had oral with princess bubblegum?
Jk, I kid,
perdix yet another win!

  musicphreakk  |  0


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