By nerdsgetmehot - / Thursday 7 April 2011 16:55 / United States
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  TrolliePollie  |  0

implants would fix that

  GODs_uncle  |  1

umm....her name is nerdsgetmehot, so she probably isn't that hot herself.

  SdCounty33  |  0

OP, if you have a big butt to compensate for that real estate on your chest called Kansas then you'll be fine. However, that's kind of a downer if you wanted to be a striper.

  rawrzy  |  0

nerdsgetmehot is fuckin adorable :D
and according to some of my friends, big boobs suck and kill your back (I wouldn't know I'm small myself >.<)


I am 18 and I'm small chested. it sucks when you wear certain clothes but not all guys dig big boobs so don't feel like it will affect your chances of a relationship or anything. & you are really pretty too, you shouldn't be worried!

  kelcutio  |  3

Having boobs is not that great...I have dd's I have back pain and it's difficult to run unless you have a super hold bra on. I'd trade any day...plus you are a cutie!


my sis is 12 n she wears a DD

  dcam13  |  19

403 ^^ it is the first place to lose fat if you're dieting. working out you're better able to target where you want to lose from.
you are right about them just being fat if she did that though.

  monkeywrench1  |  10

well I don't know if u just fishing for attention or really think u not cute but I would totally do you and probably 95% of the guys and girls here even if they say other way.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

430 - You cannot target where you want to lose fat. If she loses weight at all (through working out or dieting) she will lose some of the weight in her boobs; weight loss occurs all over, not just in one spot.

  morganhchs  |  5

Well show us a pic and we will take a vote. the results might boost your self esteem. and don't be so down on yourself. some of us, like myself, like small tits, as far as completely flat, well, that's okay too. someone will still love you for who you are.

  teejessika  |  13

I'm 20 and quite petite myself. You get used to it and learn to make up for it other ways. You're a cutie so don't worry about it! Oh and I love nerds too! :)

  CurlyChica808  |  4

nerds I'm 13 years old and a B cup. its legit torture. I can't wear anything without my sister legit screaming at me to pull my shirt up, even in public. my tech teacher is a total perv and I have to wear a hoodie to class so he's not staring at my chest. the majority of guys I talk to avoid my face and tend to stare at the girls. if I forget my sports bra then track practice equals torture. if somebody accedently hits me in the chest im fighting the urge to cry because they hurt like hell. my boobs have weird stretch marks on them too. you, my friend, are a total cutie pie. embrace your flat chestedness because I wish i could go back to those days.

By  LunaNstars  |  0

i'm sorry. Eat fatty foods?

  beatrucelynn  |  0

personally I think being flat chested is better. more swimsuit/shirt selection since you won't need to worry about anything falling out. plus in like 40 years you won't have backpain and boobs to your knees. you are beautiful "nerds" ( I say that in a non creepy way I promise)

  MizzErikaHart  |  8

what r u talking about? u have a WAY better selection of clothes and swimwear when u r not totally flat chested.... like B and C cups r a good size to be able to wear almost anything.... when u try on tops or dresses, sometimes the chest part can be all bunchy and have extra material that u can't fill if ur totally flat...

  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

Erika, why do you insist on being a total bitch on every "boob FML"? I agree with the other person; smaller chests usually do make your tops sit better and fit better. That said, there are certain tops which look better on larger-chested women.

I am by no means saying any particular size looks better than another. They're just boobs - fat and tissue, people. As for your earlier comment, Erika, no one cares that you're a D. If it looks good on you, and guys like it, GREAT. If not, well... tough shit. Just because you're proud of your size doesn't mean the rest of us aren't allowed to be proud. D cups aren't the only sexy size, you know.

  Tuesdays76  |  0

Yes, on the bright side, if your flat your probably skinny. Personally, I will take a skinny girl without boobs over a bigger girl with boobs any day!! Cause let's face it, most girls, not all, with big boobs are also a bit bigger everywhere else too. So don't sweat it.

By  Chaos5  |  0

yea that sucks. Eat a lot of foods to gain weight and have big boobies.

By  kirby1964  |  19

Ok, I know real are better, but if you are so concerned get implants.


Today, I started Lifeguard Training and we had the fitness test you had to pass to continue. I work out everyday and I start on our football team. It's spring break and i've worked everyday (construction). I'm fit. Time comes to take the test, I finished last, beat by a 44 year old woman. FML

By bron92 / Saturday 21 March 2009 04:07 / United States
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