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By  cataelophobia  |  1

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YDI for giving you son permission to have a pet, u know what, go buy another 2500 crickets , better yet, make him catch ALL 2500 crickets and once he catches them, tie him to a table and 1 by 1 start shoving the crickets up his ass and penis, then stick 1000 inside his mouth and if he vomits, make him drink the vomit again and put some vomit in his ears

  My2864  |  0

this is such a bullshit FML unless you son has 100+ lizards your not gunna make me believe he needs 2500 crickets to feed his lizard.. thats more then enough to survive 3 years so all crickets wouldve died by then..and they wouldnt reproduce either.. i had grasshoppers for my lizard and they dont seem to reproduce under stress (captivity)


You are very wrong. Iguanidae, lacertidae, and Agamidae are the main families that eat fruits and veggies. Oh and water dragons. Most lizards eat insects. If you buy crickets online (and are not a n00b that goes to Petsmart), 2,500 is standard. They last a while if you actually clean and feed them.


Doesn't say how old her son is though does it? For all we know he could be an older teenager or even a college student that lives at home to save money. Anyone can trip over on the stairs especially if they have their hands full.

  Phillay632  |  0

Agreed. I used to have a few Anoles and tree frogs. I'd buy two dozen crickets a week to feed them and the majority of the crickets that I hadn't yet fed them would die by the end of the week. No one buys 2,500 crickets at a time and there is NO way that you could keep them for longer than a week or so. The noise of 2,500 crickets in your house alone would drive you nuts too. Totally fake.

  JessTrek  |  0

That would be way too many lizards for 2,500 crickets. And like other posters said, they would die. Unless your kid has a mini cricket farm to keep them alive. Still, as a parent, I would never allow that many crickets in my house at one time.

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