By PicklesMcRaptor / Sunday 25 March 2012 11:59 / United States - Miami
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  Birdie_Sage  |  0

Bad doggy!!! You need to get yourself a new dog that can handle himself!

  Birdie_Sage  |  0

I'd say he deserves it! The dog taught him the only way he'll ever get a girl is to show her your affection on the first sight! He should start taking notes!!!

By  annihil8or  |  15

U got a mean dog

  Birdie_Sage  |  0

I believe I can flyyyyyy
I believe I can touch the skyyyy
Da...da... Daaaaa....

  KaD6  |  16

He's lucky it wasn't me walking down the street. I'd have sprayed his shithound in the face with HALT mace for dogs. And him if he complained about it. Get control of your dog or don't have one.

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