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  alliewillie  |  17

I think so many of these FMLs would be funnier without the addition of the last sentence where the OP attempts a witty or ironic observation. Funnier to just tell the story and let commenters draw their own conclusion!

By  Caitlyn2  |  18

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  ZooMzy  |  16

56- Apparently not if OP is complaining about only being worth a bag of nuts. If there was nothing thrown, OP would complain about being worth nothing.

  Baustigt  |  16

Once someone threw a soggy pear at me from a moving vehicle and it splattered right in my groin. To be honest, I commend them on their gloriously-aimed victory. I'm of the philosophy that if someone can hit me in the groin from that distance, then by all means, bombard me freely, masterful assassin! But if you miss... well, woe betide you.

  bitch_pleez  |  16

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